Cairns Bands

Upcoming Gigs

Christmas Carols – Mt Sheridan

Three playouts in December: Saturday 5th December – 10am to 1:30pm (3 hours). Various locations. Sunday 13th December – 10am to 1:30pm (3 hours). Various locations. Thursday 24th December – 1pm to 4pm (3 hours). Various locations. Uniform: TBA.
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Christmas Carols – DFO Cairns

Six playouts week before Chrismas: Friday 18th December – 1.5 hours. Near Coles.Saturday 19th December – 1.5 hours. Near Food Court.Sunday 20th December – 1.5 hours. Near TK Maxx.Monday 21st December – 1.5 hours. Near Edge Cl.Tuesday 22nd December – 1.5 hours. Near ColesWednesday 23rd December – 1.5 hours. Near…
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Our Home

Davie Band Hall

The rehearsal hall is an air-conditioned building, situated at 18 Charles Street, North Cairns, and is a prominent two storey building.

All band activities are conducted upstairs. Our bands play at many community events and other events throughout the year.